ROBERT ARTURA also started his building career at Mur-Sol Construction, Inc. and later moved on to join Ryan Zivelonghi at Building Worx. Robert oversees the bidding, sales and marketing. He continually meets with clients, architects, sales staff and sub-contractors. Robert is passionate about developing new business and meets with clients and architects constantly to create and review budgets, oversee design concepts, and assist the client throughout the entire building process.


RYAN ZIVELONGHI started his custom home building career at Mur-Sol Construction, Inc. and then later moved on to start Building Worx, Inc. He is considered by some to be one of the most prominent builders in the area. He specializes in building the ultimate in luxury living for everyone from business professionals to professional athletes.

Ryan runs Building Worx construction operations where he does project management, oversees day-to-day activities with superintendants, meets with owners, designers, sub-contractors and architects searching for better ways to build a better project as well as keeping the project on schedule and on budget.